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Charter and Deliver your boat safely

North American, US & Canadian Eastern seaboard / Newfoundland / Nova Scotia / Maine / Cape Cod / Long Island Sound / New York / Chesapeake Bay / North Carolina / Florida / New Orleans /  Bahamas / Turks & Caicos / Virgin Islands / Puerto Rico / Antigua / St. Barths / St. Martin / Guadeloupe / Martinique / St. Lucia / St. Vincent & the Grenadines / Barbados / Bequia / Grenada / Trinidad & Tobago

U.S. Coast Guard license: #000131492

I am a lifelong sailor...

Scott Ladd Mills, Captain Ladd

...and have terrific experience in many waters. The wind and water are in my blood... and I am probably more comfortable at sea than I am on land. Drug- and tobacco-free, I am a Maritime Drug Consortium member. I am meticulously clean and will keep any boat I'm on that way.

I specialize in Caribbean and  North American East Coast and deliveries and charters.  These are my homes (Maine islands in summer and fall; Caribbean Grenadine islands in winter and spring).  And yet I'm able and willing to cross the Atlantic to Europe, or sail in any North American waters  (West Coast, Gulf, Great Lakes, and rivers) for charters and deliveries  as well. Read more [+]

40 years sailing experience
Calm under pressure
Available year round
Captain or crew

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